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Grupo del Valle

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One of the most important factors for Grupotex is Quality.

Our customers can rest assured,  our policy is to provide good products to our customers and always respond to any inconvenience.

That’s why we have our own Quality Lab in which we test the fabrics and the synthetics to guarantee excellence in terms of resistance to abrasion, peeling, hydrolysis, stress, elongation, sewing and other important characteristics of a good fabric. We deliver technical data on request.

Warranties: Our fabrics have different time guarantees according to their properties. The warranty’s time begin to run from the date the product is delivered to the customer . It is very important for the customer to promote our fabrics or the furniture giving the respective recommendations for use , cleaning and maintenance that found in the back of our catalogs.

If the product has been given mishandling by the end customer, the warranty will not be recognized.

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Grupotex is a Grupo del Valle GDV Company

Grupotex Corp SAS

Address: Calle 23 No. 8A - 45 Neighborhood Obrero
PBX: (57+2) 8893934 ext. 114
Email: info@grupotex.co
Cali - Colombia

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