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Grupo del Valle

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That’s why we have our own Quality Lab in which we test the fabrics and the synthetics to guarantee excellence in terms of resistance to abrasion, peeling, hydrolysis , stress , elongation , sewing and other important characteristics of a good fabric. We deliver technical data on request .

Prueba de Peso Dinamómetro prueba resistencia a la flexión, elongación, ruptura y costura
Prueba de Abrasión Sintéticos (Resistencia contra la fricción) Después de 3000 ciclos verificamos que el sintético no se desgaste Martin Dale: Prueba de Abrasión Textiles (Resistencia contra la fricción).
  • Weight test  Air Isolated Gram Scale

  • Synthetic Abrasion Test (Resistance against friction ) After 3000 cycles we verify that the synthetic does not suffer attrition.

  • Dynamometer tests flexural strength , elongation, and seam rupture

  • Martindale: Textile Abrasion Test (Resistance against friction ).  Standard: The fabrics must resist 20,000 cycles with out showing any burl detachment.

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Grupotex is a Grupo del Valle GDV Company

Grupotex Corp SAS

Address: Calle 23 No. 8A - 45 Neighborhood Obrero
PBX: (57+2) 8893934 ext. 114
Email: info@grupotex.co
Cali - Colombia

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