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Often when we buy furniture, shoes or handbags, this is the dilemma: it is leather or synthetic ? What will be better?  
The leather word from the Latin origin corium meaning " animal hardened skin" comes from a layer of tissue that recovers the animals,  having strength and flexibility  properties quite suitable for further manipulation.

As for synthetics , also known as synthetic leathers, there are many types of materials. In upholstery, there are 3 main types : PVC, PU (Polyurethane ) and SPU (Semi PU = PU + PVC ) . These in turn can have many variables in composition , texture , strength, and uses backing .

It is inappropriate to generalize which is better or worse as each is ideal for certain applications.



The Martindale is perhaps the most important machine in a textile laboratory , as this allows  us to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics so we can categorize them according to their use : decorative, occasional , home, institutional or high traffic. Furniture is continuously exposed to abrasion, every time someone uses it, the surface experiences rubbing of clothing with all kinds of fabrics , including fittings , jeans buttons , zippers , which over time will cause attrition on the surface of the furniture. To ensure fabric resists and stays in good condition in spite of this situation is what we call abrasion resistance and this is tested by cycling wear at Martin Dale. Watch video

The machine for the Test Jungle is also a very important element in laboratories that test fabrics for tropical countries like Colombia and humid climates . This machine simulates the resistance of fabrics and synthetics especially in hot and humid climates, through it we see the duration of a synthetic unaffected by hydrolysis or without presenting detachment or surface deterioration by moisture or heat. Now with these two entries, we have tools to make 10 types of testing for our textiles. If you want further information see our Quality section.



In the past months Grupotex’s development and purchase team  visited the most large and important  decorative textile fair worldwide.  

This time in addition to touring the whole show looking for new ideas and trends, textile factories were visited to strengthen relationships with our suppliers , meet production processes , watch quality issues and developments for the new collections and be sure they cover up the needs of the Latin American market.

Grupotex is always at the forefront of home fashion. These sessions are part of the annual work plan.

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